Alastair Griffiths

Getting to the heart of my ministry, I design and build websites for churches.  My marketing and IT backgrounds came to the fore three years ago when I created the new website for St Michael and All Angels parish church in Middlewich.  The church my wife and I attend.  Since then I have created many more websites including a growing number for churches in and around Cheshire.  But I don’t only design and build a site for a church, I also teach a nominated volunteer to take it over and maintain it, putting it back firmly under the control of the church itself.

If your website is not up to date, or is beginning to look a bit tired, and you need a fresh start but you don’t know how, then I am the one who can help.

I can do traditional or contemporary.  Or as in the case of, completely different.  Have a look at it.  It’s the new site for the parish centre here at St Michael’s.  The brief was to be non-churchy and different.

What’s your brief?

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“Very very very different....... And quite brilliant.”

Robert Reed

“Boys have just come in from school - and ‘Wowed’ at the website. They high fived you in your absence.”

Sue Bishop

The usual process that I recommend is for me to create the website according to your requirements and then you have me train someone from the church to take over its maintenance.  Calling for telephone support if it’s needed.

I apply a simple fee structure:

Design, create & publish website £350

Setup and inclusion of PayPal, if required, £50

Training per attendee £120

Software for in-house maintenance £85

Add when starting out from scratch:

Domain name registration £10.55 (2yrs)

ISP (hosting) £56 per year

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