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Alastair Griffiths

For very many people a computer is still a contraption to be feared.  An intelligence far beyond that of a normal human, with a temperament that can lead to tantrums.  It is a disaster just waiting to happen.

If you are such a person the very thought of having to produce anything tangible and coherent, in safety, on such a device will leave you shaking and having nightmares.  What’s worse is you can’t seem to get any help from your usual sources.  You’re not alone.  I have come across many others suffering silently in exactly the same circumstances.  But I can help.

I have been teaching people to use computers since 1983, the year the very first IBM PC arrived in the UK.  Word processing, website designing, powerpoint presentations, using Windows, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, these are just some of the subjects that I have been asked to cover.

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Whether it’s one individual needing a short refresher or a group of people wanting a lesson starting with the very basics, I have just the right training course to help.

And I have the skill to train so that you learn.

By unravelling the myths I also remove the fear.

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“Your approach has been both friendly and inspiring. I will extol your qualities, both as an advisor and a trainer.”

Keith Beech

Training courses are usually tailored to meet the needs of the individual and single sessions last for three hours (including a short break).  I also have a series of all-day courses which include lunch.

Fees are per attendee:

A single three hour session, £60

A full day, light lunch provided, £120

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